Personal Weight Loss Journey

  • Personal Weight Loss Journey

    How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Week on a Low Carb Diet?

    In 5 days, one work week, I lost 5.9 pounds on a low carb diet. You may lose more, or less than this, although 6 is probably on the high end, the exact weight you could lose after week 1 varies from 1 or 2 pounds to 10 or more pounds. The results from this blog came from an actual experiment that I conducted on myself, where I tried a pretty standard low carb diet. In all fairness, I only did the diet for 5 days, not an entire 7, so it is more like a work week. I am currently doing a project, where I try a wide variety…

  • Personal Weight Loss Journey

    A real weight loss journey

    Hello! My name is Max. This is my very first blog post on this project. I decided that I really wanted to write a blog on something that I am currently going through myself, so I can write honestly and can speak candidly on the topic. So I thought, what am I currently doing in my life? And the answer was: dieting. I’ll start by giving you a little bit of background about my diet and weight loss story. Last summer I was weighing in at 130 pounds. Over the course of the past year, I put a little bit of weight on, up to about 168 pounds. I’ve been…